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Create a copy of a report in Dynamics CRM 4.0

I am trying to create a 2nd Invoice Report in Dynamics CRM 4.0, Professional Edition running on SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition with SQL Server Reporting Services. The reason for having multiple Invoice forms rather than just modifying the original invoice is that our company is merging with another company. For a certain period of time, we need the ability to print multipe invoice formats with unique logos, etc.

What I've done so far -
I have exported the existing Invoice and Invoice Sub-Report RDL files. I then created a copy of the RDL files and named them TEST Invoice and TEST Invoice Sub-Report. I have edited them within SQL Server Business Development Studio and added a logo. I modified the TEST Invoice report to point at the TEST Invoice Sub-Report rather than the original Invoice Sub-Report. I then uploaded the TEST Invoice file to CRM via the new reports option. I then uploaded the TEST Invoice Sub-Report and se the parent to be the TEST Invoice report. I set the Categories, Related Record Types and Display In fields to be the same as the original invoice.

For right now, the only change I've made is to add an embedded image as a logo. I'll have more changes later, but want to start simple to get the process for publishing in place before making any complex modifications.

When I goto SSRS and launch the reports, both the standard Invoice Report and the TEST Invoice report behave the same - both launch and pull up the 1st 20 invoices.

I've followed through this thread which got me pointed in the right direction for sub-reports.

Problem -
When I go to sales / invoices and open an invoice, I do see the Test Invoice in the pulldown reports menu. However it shows up under Run on All Records rather than Run on Current Record.

Also, when launching TEST Invoice from the Workplace / Reports menu, I don't get the pre-filter as I do with the normal Invoice Report. It launches the report and shows all invoices.

What am I missing - other than an adequate understanding of using SRS reports with CRM?
1 Solution
The Default filter on the invoice report is modified in the last 30 days.  To run for a specific invoice from Workplace, Reports, Select your report, Run it - then click on Edit Filter to change what invoices it's pulling.

On your Test Invoice - When you uploaded it to CRM - Under Categorization - Did you mimick the settings for Invoice? (You can get to this again by selecting Test Invoice under Workplace, Reports, then Edit Report.
Categories: Sales Reports
Related Record Types: Invoices:
Display in: Forms for Related Records types, Reports Area
robyoderAuthor Commented:
Problem was that the query on the new report had gotten messed up and no longer pulled from filtered views. This prevented the report from showing up in the proper locations.
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