Exchange Migration Wizard problem


The network is fully routable
2 way forest trusts are in place and verified
stub zones are utilized for name resolution
dns suffixes are in place
Migration service account from target is nested in the built in
administrators group in the source
migration service account is delegated full exchange administrators right
migration service account is a local admin on the exchange box
Anti virus has been disabled and no firewalls enabled
Exchange server 2003 sp2, windows server 2003 sp2

Exchange server migration wizard is being run from the target exchange server


When the exchange migration team run the exchange server migration wizard,
they are prompted for credentials from the source domain, these credentials
are entered and verified as the wizard moves to the next phase, discovers all
of the mailboxes in the source domain, when the source mailbox is selected
the wizard moves on to the next phase which is to select the destination
location for the migrated mailbox-user; however the target child domain will
not expand; therefore the migrator is unable to select a destination container and
the migration cannot continue.

We have run wireshark on the exchange box and when capturing packets when
attempting to expand the target child domain in the exchange migration wizard
we can see the ou structure being requested from the target DC and at the
same time the target dc passing the info (OU structure) back to the target
exchange server; however this information does not populate in the exchange
server migration wizard dialog box when trying to expand the target child

We can open active directory users and computers on the target exchange
server and see all of the forest and domains OU structure

My question is has anyone heard or come across this issue before? and if so
what is the fix :) I have checked all over the web for the same issue and
have found nothing usefull.
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ck-EEConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

    Just for the record.   I spoke to Microsoft regarding this issue and we were able to find a work around for the problem. Simply enough I installed the Exchange system Manager on a DC in the Target domain and ran the Migration Wizard from there. The real cause if the issue remains unresolved but the suspect is the computer's domain account. In my case I was running the MigWiz from the Target Exchange server so removing/adding the computer or resetting the account was not possible. I had been successfully moving mailboxes for a few days before the issue came up. Whether it would resolve itself or remain broken is unknown.
Would you happen to be running this in a virtual environement?
ck-EEAuthor Commented:

      All servers are real in both source and target ORG's

ck-EEAuthor Commented:
Something I left out...

           I have successfully run the wizard several times without a problem. It's just been recently that this behavior popped up.

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