SPF Records and spoofed email

I recently had some email addresses in my domain spoofed.  As a result, we ended up on a couple of blacklists.  I did not have SPF records in place.

I have just added SPF records and am waiting for them to propogate through Network Solutions servers.  Once they show up, I will test for validity.

I'm hoping this will take care of my spoofing issue and then I can request to be delisted.

Should this work or is there something else I should be doing to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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Make sure you also have reverse DNS records. Some email servers reject email if there is no reverse record for it.
Not everybody recognises SPF records. Generally speaking, blacklisting does not happen based on the email address used... it's the IP address that gets blacklisted. Check your configuration to make sure that nobody is relaying through your system.
angela_obrienAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies.  Reverse DNS is fine.  If I run a blacklist check on my public IP address, nothing shows up....if I run it by domain name, we show up on one list.  That is what led me to believe we were listed due to the spoofing issue.  

We show up on a second list just because we are listed on the first one.  

I've done a check on my Exchange server.  We are not an open relay and my firewall shows no odd connections that might indicate a virus on one of the workstations.

The spoofing thing was the only reason I could think of that we would be listed for.
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Could you be blacklisted because of your public IP address? In other words, has the subnet been blacklisted?
angela_obrienAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike,
We have had this IP address for about a year now and it wasn't listed before.  
angela_obrienAuthor Commented:
I've requested removal from the list and the request was granted.  I've checked and rechecked everything and can't figure out why we were listed.  Again it's only one list.

I realize that not everyone recognizes SPF but it can't hurt to have one in place.
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