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I have the following network diagram:

Voice Recorder Server ------ Core1 6509 ----- Core2 6509 ----- SW1(3550)---- SW2(3560)----- 2 Cisco IP Phones

Problem: I am not able to Record the Voice Call between these 2 IP Phones. the Links between all Switches are Trunk & allowing all vlans to pass. Both Core switches are in vtp mode server. SW1 & SW2 r in vtp mode client. I am able to ping the Recorder Server from any Switch.

Core 1:
vlan 200
monitor session 1 source remote vlan 200
Monitor session 1 destination interface fa0/2   ! fa0/2 is connected to the Voice Recorder Server

Core 2:
vlan 200

SW2 (3560):
monitor session 1 source interface fa0/47 - 48 both  ! fa0/47 & 48 connected to IP Phones
monitor session 1 destination remote vlan 200

show vlan
the vlan 200 appear & appear also in the Remote Span Vlan

Note: If I connect SW2 (3560) directly to Core 1, I am able to record the Voice Call.
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1 Solution

on SW2 set the following:
monitor session 1 destination interface FA0/X (interface leading to C3550)

on SW1 set the following:
monitor session 1 source interface FA0/X (interface leading to C3560)
monitor session 1 destination remote vlan 200

Cannot see any error in your setup either, but I do know that 3550 has a different syntax for RSPAN as opposed to 3560. Maybe some tips to more isolate the issue:
1) What do you see if your RSPAN session is active and you do a "show spanning-tree vlan 200" on SW1?
2) Did you try to SPAN an arbitrary port on the SW1 and see if that works?, so on SW1
monitor session 1 source interface fa0/<arbitrary1>
monitor session 1 destination remote vlan 200 reflector-port fa0/<arbitrary2>
Note the following:
- arbitrary1 should be a port which is really in use, so you can see if this data arrives
- arbitrary2 port is the reflector-port. It should NOT be in use and cannot be used for anything while you are spanning. This is something specifically needed for the 3550, but not for the 3560.
3) upgrade to latest IOS, specifically on 3550?

TonykhouryAuthor Commented:

Hi Joelvp,

The RSPAN session is all none & spanning-tree for vlan 200 is forwarding. do u I have to configure RSPAN on SW1, Although SW1 is an intermediate switch in the RSPAN. Also there is no ports on SW1 to monitor.

Thanks for your help
Hi Tony

Not sure if I understand you and you understand me. I did not mean that it is a solution to do RSPAN on the 3550, but just to test and see if that works. If it also doesn't work, this would more isolate your problem. What do you mean "there are no ports on SW1 to monitor"?. You can monitor any port (even a trunk). It is just for testing to see if the data comes through.


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