BB will not activate on new BES

I've just brought up a new BES, version 5.0.1
I've activated 4 new devices on the new BES with no other words, the users I've activated so far have received NEW Storm2 devices - first activation for these devices. Before activation,I simply removed their accounts from the old BES, ver. 4.0.6, chose to remove all BB info associated with their mailboxes, created their user accounts on the new BES, and then activated.
The one I'm having trouble activating is also a Storm2, but the major difference is that this device existed on the OLD BES....again, I simply removed the user account, created it again on the new BES, set the password and attempted to activate.
I've even security wiped the new device with no success......I did see some mention of maybe having to delete the hidden BB folders in the user's mailbox ?? ......Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated !!
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Shekhar2coolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is the error message you are getting for activation ?
Check the BES Event logs and BES Logs.
russell124Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Does the user in the BS 5 have the device PIN associated with the account?  If it does, does the phone show that it is contacting the BES server?  

If you aren't getting a pin, try re-programming the phone, and then run the activation again.  Have you also tried directly connecting the device to the server via the USB cable, if possible?
ccherman3Author Commented:
I wiped the device again, and deleted and recreated the user account on the BES, and it finally activated.

Thanks to you both for your efforts, I've split the points.
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