BES 5.0 - OpenDatabase Failed for <user> event ID 20154|20152 Exchange 2007

After repairing corrupt Exchange 2007 databases with ESEutil I started getting event ID 20154 & 20152 on my BES 5.0 server.
17 of 40 mailboxes could not be opened by BES, however the remaining 23 are working without any problems.
I have verified permissions; re-installed BES 5.0 (no errors) and reset both servers (BES + Exchange).

I have tried removing the BES user, add new user, wipe handheld, devicecleanup.exe util and activate fresh - I keep receiving the encryption verifications, however Enterprise activation will not start - no contacts, calendar and global address book look up
Initially I received an error when opening BES Admin Console-  blackberrydevicemanager.exe -  RAPI.DLL was missing and re-installing the application may resolve the problem - this error went away after re-installing BES
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NemskinatorAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to let everyone know that this was the fix:


You have to download the mdbvu32 utility from Google
install it on the Exchange server
have the USER login to the Exchange server with their credentials
Run the mdbvu32 utility on the Exchange server
The MAPILogonEX(MAP_LOGONUI) window will appear. Click "MAPI_NEW_SESSION" and hit ok
Click "new" on the next window, and go through the wizard filling out the information for connecting to the Exchange server
Click MDB -> OpenMessageStore
Select the "D Mailbox - <user>" line and click Open
Click MDB -> Open Root Folder
Highlight the BlackberryHandheldInfo folder. From the drop down, select Delete Folder, and then click "Call Function"
On the next window, select both delete messages and delete folders, click ok
The BlackberryhandheldInfo folder should dissapear. Close out of the application and log off.
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