Vertical text alignment in Vertical Spre Menu Bar


I have a vertical spry menu bar with width 100px and height 50px. The texts in the menu bar are now vertically aligned at the top. How to align them vertically in the middle? I tried to set CSS Styles -> All -> SpryMenuBarVertical.css -> ul.MenuBarVerticalBlock -> Vertical Alignment -> Middle. It does not work.

Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreicated.
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dapaintballer331Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well the first step is to try multiple browsers, but I'll assume you did that.

Try inline css, sometimes its hard to see the top level governance for that text. By specifying manually that this text will have allignment in its tag, you almost guarantee everything else will be overridden.

Also ensure there is sufficient room for the text to move around in the surrounding "box".
nnrscAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion. It points me to the right direction.
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