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How to add "new folder" button to windows explorer - Vista?

Hi all
I would like "new folder" button on the windows explorer toolbar under vista.
Please let me clarify the question:
Not right click by any kind,
Not using any external software (bxNewFolder or whatever),
Not to go to "organize->new folder"  
Not using shortcuts like: Alt -> F -> W -> F

But Icon "new folder" on vista's windows explorer that will be available always and will create new folder on this window.
I believe that this is a simple registry tweak since "new folder" button already exist in the "Save As" modal window
To see this "save as button" go to notepad (under vista) -> save as -> the button is the folder icon on the windows toolbar.

Thank you!
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The feature you want is not available in Windows Vista or in Windows 7. If you must use Windows Explorer and will not use any different software, then you cannot do it.

If you are willing to entertain new software, xPlorer2 Pro (zabkat.com) does what you want very nicely. I use that because of the above flaw. It is the only real option I can offer from my own experience.
... Thinkpads_User
Win7 has this, but I guess Vista does not.
The control bar (with Organize, Burn, etc) cannot be customized.  I've seen lots of web pages where people have tried, but it's just not in the cards.
You reject the idea of using an external program,  Nevertheless, this is a good place for me to state:  Another angle on this is the toolbar that is added to the Vista/Win7 explorer in this product:
   Classic Shell
It does a lot of stuff that you may not want, but the source code is available and it is possible to extract just the code that adds the toolbar (I personally was looking for a Delete button that did not need a right-click).  
Anyway, it would be a helper object (DLL) that just adds to (not replaces) the Windows Explorer.   See:
  Classic Shell (on code project)
...for an excellent discussion of what is required and how it is done.
sharon669Author Commented:
This button exist in vista (see Save as box)

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>> To see this "save as button" go to notepad (under vista) -> save as -> the button is the folder icon on the windows toolbar.

The fact that the functionality is built into the Common File Dialog's version of the "browse filesystem" window is not an indication that the Explorer can support it.  If you do a google search, you can get lots of confirmation:  
The "Delete" button, as well as "New Folder" were intentionally left off of the toolbar in the main Explorer window.  Notice, too, that when you right-click the bar there is no "customize" option -- this is all part of Microsoft's plan to minimize technical support issues.
Sorry to send you bad news, but there is no simple registry tweak.  There are solutions, but they all require some external software that overrides the non-customizable nature of the Explorer window toolbar.
I did some more research and I now think that it may be possible to add a New Folder" button to the standard Explorer toolbar for Vista.  But I'm not sure because I don't have a Vista machine to experiment on.
First, try the technique I described here:
   Add a Delete Button to the Windows 7 Explorer Toolbar
That is, look through the
section of the registry and try to locate one of the folder types that contains an example that includes "New Folder" (that's how I found how to add "Delete") The key to add to "TasksItemsSelected\0" and/or TasksNoItemsSelected\0 might be NewFolder  As a guess.
And if the simple version there does not work, then the next try would be the more complex technique described here:
    Add a Custom Command Button to the Windows 7 Explorer Toolbar
... though it would be more difficult to simulate the standard action (adding a folder named "New Folder" and immediately selecting it for edit).
sharon669Author Commented:
Thank you for the references, Great articles!
I was able to easily add delete button following the first article,

And I was able to add custom button that ran simple VBS file to create new folder
After messing around with renaming the folder if one exists and security problems, it seems to be working but the performance is not great as in the save as dialog it is a little bit slower.

What I dont understand is how the GUID  5c4f28b5-f869-4e84-8e60-f11db97c5cc7
Related to "delete" Icon, I am missing a basic understanding that will help me search the "new folder" GUID

I am attaching my vista export of :HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FolderType

Thank you


That is covered in the artcles:
At least on Win7, that GUID {5c4f28... is the one that identifies "Generic" file folders; a sort of equivallent to files with an extension of .* in a search.
If you wanted your customization to appear for only folders that hold Pictures, or only folders that contain primarily Music, then you would choose a different GUID to manipulate.
The CannonicalName value is your best clue as to which FolderType key to target.
sharon669Author Commented:
Ok I got it
GUID  5c4f28b5-f869-4e84-8e60-f11db97c5cc7 is Generic,
If you add "Delete" action to it it will be seen in all types of folders (pictures, music etc)

what i sill dont get is how the button get there just by adding "0" -> "delete" keys to TasksItemsSelected of the generic GUID
did the "delete" string of the key did the work?
There is a chance that "Delete" was originally such a "standard" button that it was made to be a special case.  That lends hope that something like "NewFolder" would also be so easy to "switch on"
A little bit above that part of the registry, in:
You will find a key that  has the name "Windows.delete"  I think it's possible that the Explorer treats the "Delete" name as a trigger to look into some other place in the registry to find out what do do.  Note that there is a "Windows.newfolder" item in there, too.  But consider that both of these are so common, so "native" if you will, to a file manager program that it hardly needs instructions on how to do them -- it only needs to know when to put the command on a menu or a toolbar.
sharon669Author Commented:
The solution was not full, but It was satisfying
sharon669Author Commented:
Thank you.
I will continue trying.
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