Change the color of a dot on the image in its own layer

I am creating a map with dots where a nonprofit has a presence so that when you mouse over the dot, it turns from blue to red. I have made the map and blue dots and then created a duplicate layer of each blue dot that I now want to change to red. I tried choosing the blue in the dot with the magic wand and  used the paint bucket to pour red over the dot, but the dot became a square.
There is probably some SIMPLE way to do this!
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Philip_SparkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
load the layer as a selection by cmd/ctrl clicking on the layer then open the hue/saturation dialogue box. >cmd/Ctrl U or found under menu > adjustments Hue/Saturation.

Check the colorize box and play with the sliders till you turn the blue dots to red.

see before and after screenshots
key in the numbers as my screenshot to get same red
nanharbisonAuthor Commented:
Ah, perfect, that is it! Thanks!
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