Exchange 2007 Application Log confirmation after reboot

I just imported our certificate and am looking for confirmation that it is registered correctly on the exchange server.

I recall some documentation that it should show up in the event log after a a reboot?

Cannot find the documents or website for this?
Please advise.

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rparsons1000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I've always used Powershell so can tell you how to do it there and the certificates MMC.

Add the certificates MMC for the computer
Find the certificate in Personal/Certificates and double click
In Details find the Thumbprint

Now open Exchange powershell and do get-certificate

You should see the new certificates thumbprint and the services it is assigned to ie, SMTP, IIS, Etc..depending on what the server is used for.

If you see the old cert bound to the services you'll need to fix that. The info below should help with that if needed.

SynarcAuthor Commented:
Update Rollup Information

Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 has been replaced by a later update rollup. You should install the latest update rollup.
To obtain the latest update rollup from the Microsoft Download Center, see Update Rollup 9 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1.
To obtain Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB945684).
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