delaying a service to start

i am attempting to delay a service from starting - what happens is this,

when the 2003 server loads to the Gina screen, our service, which is dependent on the SQL server 2005 service, fails to load.  what we assume is this, SQL services load but using the SA account.  our software, uses a different account that is hard coded in the software that is reliant on the SQL service.  there is no option to change the other sql service account.  

1. this account needs to run as service so running a script is not an option
2. need to know how to delay the startup of a service by 30 seconds.

i appreciate everyones input
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
Why not change the "depend on" option so that the service does not attempt to start until other services have started - see
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