sbs2008 several services won't work after power failiure / update

Hi All,

This time, I really don't know it any more.
I have a SBS2008 server, installed since last week, so no backups yet.
My work called me, they had a power failiure, and the server wouldn't come up.
I went over and I checked it.
There were 3 updates from this week, it hangs at 0% at 1 of 3.  I did some googling, and I restarted to safe mode with network.  And the updates were installed succesfully.

I restarded the server, and sudendly, several services couldn't start anymore.
Exchange doesn't work, ras doesn't work, some network things doesnt work.

I get a lot of exchange errors and dcom errors.
serveral services hangs, and try to restart.
When I try to enable a service or to start it, it takes ages, and it fales.
In the event log, I can't find something usefull.
I remove the latest security update.  I tried to remove the other 2 update, it had something to do with sql.  Si disabled in safe mode, all the sql instancenses.

I removed my usb hard disk, disabled the printer spooler, but nothing seems to help...
any suggestions?
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trivinConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
wow I found it!

After a hole night digging, and stressing.

The problem was the ipv6 protocol on the lan card.  I disabled it 2 weeks ago, without any problem.
And probably after an update, it did something i don't know.

But I enabled it back, rebooted the server, I could login, and sudenly everything is working again... wtf joh... so much trouble...

So for anyone having this problem, leave ipv6 enabled :)
trivinAuthor Commented:
some update:
what's running:
DNS, DHCP, IIS, AD, Exchange also a litle bit, but not the information store..

Really someting do do with some services, who hangs...

Maybe this helps; can't start internet explorer ... it just don't start

trivinAuthor Commented:
also saying at roles and features collecting data... and it hangs... so i can't remove rolves..
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Honestly I dont see other way to fix this but to reinstall the OS. May be they were installing an update when occurred the power failure and the process failed causing all this problems.
1st check your RPC services is enabled
trivinAuthor Commented:
it's now 5 am in the morning, i'm so tired, it has to be running before 8 am. pfff...

RPC services was enabled.
I tried to uninstall some updates.  Now it hangs, on the logon screen,  trying reversing the update... but it does that for a long time now.

Earlier he did that also in safe mode...  

Indeed, I already started a new sbs2008 on another server, and I hope that I can migratie everything to the new server.
Everything works on the network, only the vpn and the mail isn't working.

Problem is, their are 350 users in the domain (just for using webmail)  and 15 users on the desk, they use mail alot...  mailboxes of 2gb and more...

I just migrated from sbs 2003 to this one...
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