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Enable shadow copies on GPT disk

I am trying to enable shadow copies on a 2008 file server which was patitioned with a GPT disk for large disk support.  When i try to enable shadow copies on the volume so the users can have access to previous versions of files i get an error "failed to create shadow copy of volume d:\"

Does GPT formatted disks support shadow copies?  Is their way to make this work?

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Supported? Yes. Why not working? Don't know.


Chris B
My guess is corrupted permissions on D:\System Volume Information. (By default, this folder allows full access for SYSTEM, and no access at all for anyone else. Giving yourself access doesn't cause problems - as long as SYSTEM still keeps its full access. Probably something is restricting SYSTEM's access to this directory.)

Also, make sure that there is enough free space on the drive. Try enabling (if it is off) or disabling (if it is on) System Restore.

If nothing else helps, delete the SYSTEM_VOLUME_INFORMATION folder altogether, Windows will recreate it. (Note that you will need to boot from a WinPE or Linux live CD to remove this folder. This will also delete your existing system restore points, so it is a good idea to back up D:\ before taking this radical step.)
jdfloryAuthor Commented:
i will try and replicate in lab.  The reason I mentioned maybe not supported is because I have read several forums that was venting peoples frustration about got disks. That is where I got the the notion that it may not be supported

i will try recommendations

jdfloryAuthor Commented:
I checked permissions and everything is fine system full control.

The setup is a d:\ partition (data) and an E:\ partion (reserved for shadow copies).  D is a GPT disk and E is a MBR disk.  I can create shadow copies of E: with no problems using the system information on its own drive.  But when i create a shadow copy of D and point the snapshots to any partition i get the error  below.  This would rule out corruption of the system volume information folder.

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error CreateFileW(\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy31\,0x80000000,0x00000003,...).  hr = 0x80070005.

   Processing PreFinalCommitSnapshots

   Execution Context: System Provider


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