Migration of Exchange 2007 to qmail

HI ,
How can we migrate Exchange 2007 to qmail (linux), please provide me steps to migrate mail server.
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Good answer Tiras25.

Anyway, I've not used Exchange 2007, but have been using Exchange 2003 for quite some time now.
For migration, you'll need to first note down what features of Exchange you are currently using, like Mail, Calendaring, AD integration, Webmail etc. and decide which one of these you really need to implement on the new setup.

qmail is just an MTA , every other feature you need has to be implemented separately. You can get tutorials on qmailrocks.org for the complete setup. http://qmailrocks.org/description.htm  gives you an overview of the components.

Keep in mind that qmail is a very complicated software, fit for use only be people well experienced in linux/unix and mail servers in general. The author's licensing restricts packaging it in an easier manner by others though some have developed scripts that kind of automate the whole thing (netqmail).  Support on the net can be a little difficult coz there are very few actual people who use it and have skills in it.

Postfix gives you a much easier setup and a lot of easy tutorials on the net and has much better integration facilities and a huge community out there.
Step1: Increase your points,

Step 2: Hire a consultant

tasks like that are not for the faint of heart.

Just bein' honest.

if its an enterprise grade system, you need to make sure everything touching the exchange server moves without an issue. qmail is a thorny, nasty, messy beast.

you want someone who's done this before, and knows all the pitfalls because they've fallen in the pits before.

watch out for calendaring--exchange is VERY good at it, and few other tools are. also look at your ldap & security policies, you may have lots of things tied in there you're not aware of.
Daniel McAllisterPresident, IT4SOHO, LLCCommented:
QMail is not all that complicated -- but it's not easily configured and maintained as, say... MS EXCHANGE! (sarcasm intended).

If you need help using/configuring QMail, try the QMail Toaster (qmailtoaster.com).

I won't go into whether QMail is better than Postfix (or sendmail... or even Exchange for that matter): that's a "religious opinion" akin to choosing a Linux distribution... I will just say that QMail installations outnumber Postfix installations nearly 3-to-1 in the most recent "open port poll" (QMail is generally believed to be the 3rd most popular MTA on the Internet -- behind sendmail (the grand-daddy of them all) and Exchange!)

As for "migration" here are my thoughts:
 - attempting to get user information transferred over from Exchange to ANY other system would be a headache far worse than you are likely prepared. I suggest you export your e-mail addresses to a text file and use the command-line interfaces for QMail to re-enter them.
  - your next issue will be passwords -- do yourself a favor and just make users enter a new password. Trying to export passwords from Exchange is a true nightmare -- and when you think about it, it is rightfully so, from a security standpoint!
  - finally, you'll want/need to get OLD messages exported from Exchange to QMail. You can try to automate this using something like qpopper, but again, I recommend just letting your users do it. They can have temporary access to BOTH servers and just drag/drop the messages from one to the other.

Just my thoughts -- they're worth every penny you paid for them!


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