How do I monitor HP server hardware with SNMP?

We have been deploying HP servers for the most part and we want to receive SNMP trap alerts for certain hardware failures, such as, a disk in a disk array has failed. We have a 3rd party monitoring tool that uses SNMP but I can't find the proper MIB files to import into the tool. The servers mainly run server 2003.
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HP have their own monitoring tools, check your HP disks :-)

clrlogicAuthor Commented:
Yes, HP Insight is installed but we manage about 15 different networks. We want to be able to see the alerts from a single console located on our network. We have the 3rd party tool to do this but I just can't seem to find information to do this with HP servers.
I would suggest solarwinds software.
clrlogicAuthor Commented:
Assuming I'd use the same MIB package for Insight works for 3rd party software as well?
Thank you very much.
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