How to group results by column and how to change color of the first column

Hi, please refer to the image. I want to include that header section to group results according column. How do I do that? Also, this datagridview is blank and later on filled, how do I set the first column to have a particular background color like in the example? I'm using Windows Forms in C# .NET. Thanks in advance.
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DataGridView does not support grouping so I suggest you do it on the database level with dynamic grouping. Attached is a sample code based on AdventureWorks database that does dynamic grouping without dynamic SQL - part of an article I'm preparing to publish soon.

To change a colour of a column use this snippet

dataGridView1.Columns["columnname"].DefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.Red

and if you want to change colour for certain cells only you will have to handle CellPainting event and add code like that:

if (someCondition) e.CellStyle.BackColor = Color.Green;

create procedure Production.ProductSummary @groupBy varchar(32)
		,count(*) as Count
	from (
			case upper(@groupBy)
				when 'MAKEFLAG' then convert(varchar(1),MakeFlag)
				when 'COLOR' then Color
				when 'PRODUCTLINE' then ProductLine
				when 'TOTAL' then 'Total'
				else null
			end as GroupLabel
		from Production.Product
	) Tmp 
	where GroupLabel is not null
	group by GroupLabel

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  as Lof said ,datagridview does not support column groupping.but, you can do this by developing user control.Have a look on this article :
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