VISTA + Reporting Services = PAIN?

Hello Experts,
I have installed VS 2008 and later installed SQL Server 2005 on a Vista 64 bit machine. I have spent 2 days to install these components together.
I could not configure "Reporting Services Configuration" yet. I have checked IIS 7 settings many times, and also reviewed Microsoft documentations. But the result is a BIG NO..

I have attached a screenshot below.
Do you have any idea?

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Is the Reporting Services installed in Sharepoint mode.? Otherwise, having sharepoint the box shouldnot really impact ability to use reporting services independently.
Regarding the WMI, do you see any other details in the report server log files for this error?.
you can also try to enable WMI logging by adding/setting a registry key setting RSWMILogging registry key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\Reporting Services whcih might give further details. Setting RSWMILogging key to value 1 causes the logging to go to the debug output.  Setting RSWMILogging key to value 2 causes the trace goes out into a file named ReportingServicesWMI_<date>_<time>.log in "Shared" folder in your reporting services installation.
innocent1973Author Commented:
Thank you very much for your great replies. I accept all your replies as solution because you have spent time to answer my question.
I have spent 9 hours to solve this problem. And fortunately I have found the EXACT solution:
INSTALL XP.....That's it..
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