Jobserverchild.exe consumes 100% memory


jobserverchild.exe consumes 100% memory.  I found one document regarding this issue and it was written that we have to change the option from "-type MIXEDPROC" to "-type outproc" in the command line for the ReportJobServer in ccm.config file.

Could please let me know where to change "-type outproc" in command line and for which job server.  Where can I find the ccm.config file

Below is the Command line for crystal reports job server

"\\testsrv2\E$\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\win32_x86\JobServer.exe" -service -name testsrv2.reportjobserver  -ns testsrv2 -objectType CrystalEnterprise.Report -lib procReport  -restart -jsTypeDescription "Crystal Reports Job Server"

I dont have "-type MIXEDPROC" to replace with "-type outproc".
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wykabryanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the sizing document
in general I would never change the job server reg configurations. I would suggest that you increase the memory in the job server on the CMC side. Log into the CMC and under the servers find that service. Then modify accordingly. There is a sizing document that you should model your BO environment after as well. this will help minimize the number of issues. Lastly, sometime the jobserverchild is a runaway process and just needs to be killed. Jobserverchild tells me that the parent jobserver can not handle the request and thus had to spawn a child to take care of it. So it maybe within reason to think it is a runaway process.
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