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Hiding process in windows vista

I have some C code that hides a process from task manager.
It was implemented using DLL injection technique.
It was working fine in windows XP. But it was not working in Vista and Windows server 2k and I didn't have other versions of windows to test.
Do I've to do some extra work to make it work in vista?
Is it possible in vista(it should be possible :D)?
I'm uploading the code for reference..
Want some suggestions !!!
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1 Solution
laxrojAuthor Commented:
Hello sir,
I work for a software company,
Currently I'm working on Uvnc project. It was a Remote Desktop access software.
In this, a viewer and a server will be runnig on two different machines.
The computer on which server is runnig can be accessed by the computer on which viewer is running.
My task is to hide the server process. That's all is my intention.
Subrat (C++ windows/Linux)Software EngineerCommented:
I think you need to impersonate the user in Vista to achieve this. See the API help for ImpersonateLoggedOnUser(). Just google ....
laxrojAuthor Commented:
Is there any example of this method?
Read the comments in this thread:
You will find:
"You need to go kernel mode and hook ZwQueryProcessInformation and remove your process from the linked list ( that can still be recovered though ) "
and other links explaining everything.
laxrojAuthor Commented:
LOL !!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

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