SQL30081N - Protocol specific error code(s): "10055", "*", "*". SQLSTATE=08001

When I try connect to a cataloged DB I get this error:

QL30081N  A communication error has been detected.  Communication protocol
being used: "TCP/IP".  Communication API being used: "SOCKETS".  Location
where the error was detected: "SERVER IP".  Communication function
detecting the error: "connect".  Protocol specific error code(s): "10055", "*",
"*".  SQLSTATE=08001

The database resides on AIX server. I have cataloged it on a windows server.
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the most simple approach to check:
using ip addr + port number, try this from your station:

telnet ip-addr port

if you can't use telnet, then your ports are probably blocked
you can also try to connect and in the same time run

netstat -an

if you see that your connect attemp (you can find it by the ip and port of the db2 serveR) has status SYN_SENT
it mean you have some kind of firewall blcok
were you able to connect to it in the past or is this a new database?

did you check that the instance is up and running?
did you check that your firewall does not block the ports used by DB2 ?
jsaravanaAuthor Commented:
This is the first time we are cataloging this database.

The instance is up n running.

I am not sure if any firewall is blocking the connection
jsaravanaAuthor Commented:

Now I am able to connect, I had some tablespace issue in other database which was requesting for backup.
When I took offline backup and tried connecting I was able to connect.

Those were found in system error logs.

I will try and find out you suggestions as well. Will be useful for me.
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