what is the meaning of  following assignment in vb.net2003 windows application ?

Posted on 2009-12-29
Last Modified: 2013-11-17
Const WM_CAP As Short = &H400S

what is meaning of &h400s
what is the meaning of the symbol  &
what will execute   for this assignment ?
please explain as clear.
Question by:Tamilselvan
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    Accepted Solution

    Its a constant. You are defining a constant. Something like #define in C,C++. Can you tell the background of this code snippet???
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    Assisted Solution

    &H is use for defining a variable in HEX
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    Assisted Solution

    by:Khalid Mehmood Awan
    May be this will help you, &H is used for hexadecimal numbers.

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    Assisted Solution

    deinfing a constant variable named WM_CAP with value 0x400 in hex (1024 in decimal)

    C# ->  const short WM_CAP = 0x400;

    it is used in multimedia messages to capture video from a video device such as a webcam.



    Author Comment

    Const WM_CAP As Short = &H400S
    is this &h400s identifiy the usb port or  not  ?

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    Assisted Solution

    it is just a constant to use for other WM_CAP mesages to send to the device.
    chjeck the code snippet
    ' Create constant to use when sending messages to device
        Const WM_CAP As Short = &H400S
        Const WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT As Integer = WM_CAP + 10
        Const WM_CAP_DRIVER_DISCONNECT As Integer = WM_CAP + 11
        Const WM_CAP_EDIT_COPY As Integer = WM_CAP + 30
        Const WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW As Integer = WM_CAP + 50
        Const WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEWRATE As Integer = WM_CAP + 52
        Const WM_CAP_SET_SCALE As Integer = WM_CAP + 53
        Const WS_CHILD As Integer = &H40000000
        Const WS_VISIBLE As Integer = &H10000000
        Const SWP_NOMOVE As Short = &H2S
        Const SWP_NOSIZE As Short = 1
        Const SWP_NOZORDER As Short = &H4S
        Const HWND_BOTTOM As Short = 1
        Dim iDevice As Integer = 0  ' Normal device ID 
        Dim hHwnd As Integer  ' Handle value to preview window
      ' Declare function from AVI capture DLL.
        Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" _
            (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal wMsg As Integer, ByVal wParam As Integer, _
             ByVal lParam As Object) As Integer
        Declare Function SetWindowPos Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowPos" (ByVal hwnd As Integer, _
            ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Integer, ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer, _
            ByVal cx As Integer, ByVal cy As Integer, ByVal wFlags As Integer) As Integer
        Declare Function DestroyWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hndw As Integer) As Boolean
        Declare Function capCreateCaptureWindowA Lib "avicap32.dll" _
            (ByVal lpszWindowName As String, ByVal dwStyle As Integer, _
            ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer, ByVal nWidth As Integer, _
            ByVal nHeight As Short, ByVal hWndParent As Integer, _
            ByVal nID As Integer) As Integer
        Declare Function capGetDriverDescriptionA Lib "avicap32.dll" (ByVal wDriver As Short, _
            ByVal lpszName As String, ByVal cbName As Integer, ByVal lpszVer As String, _
            ByVal cbVer As Integer) As Boolean
      ' Load name of all avialable devices into the lstDevices .
    Private Sub LoadDeviceList()
            Dim strName As String = Space(100)
            Dim strVer As String = Space(100)
            Dim bReturn As Boolean
            Dim x As Integer = 0
    Dim lstDevices as ListBox = new ListBox()
              '   Get Driver name and version
               bReturn = capGetDriverDescriptionA(x, strName, 100, strVer, 100)
               ' If there was a device add device name to the list 
               If bReturn Then lstDevices.Items.Add(strName.Trim)
                x += 1
            Loop Until bReturn = False
        End Sub
       ' To display the output from a video capture device, you need to create a capture window.
     Private Sub OpenPreviewWindow()
            Dim iHeight As Integer = picCapture.Height
            Dim iWidth As Integer = picCapture.Width
            ' Open Preview window in picturebox .
            ' Create a child window with capCreateCaptureWindowA so you can display it in a picturebox.
            hHwnd = capCreateCaptureWindowA(iDevice, WS_VISIBLE Or WS_CHILD, 0, 0, 640, _
                480, picCapture.Handle.ToInt32, 0)
         ' Connect to device
          If SendMessage(hHwnd, WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT, iDevice, 0) Then
          ' Set the preview scale
               SendMessage(hHwnd, WM_CAP_SET_SCALE, True, 0)
          ' Set the preview rate in milliseconds
              SendMessage(hHwnd, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEWRATE, 66, 0)
          ' Start previewing the image from the camera 
                SendMessage(hHwnd, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW, True, 0)
           ' Resize window to fit in picturebox 
                SetWindowPos(hHwnd, HWND_BOTTOM, 0, 0, picCapture.Width, picCapture.Height, _
                                       SWP_NOMOVE Or SWP_NOZORDER)
                btnSave.Enabled = True
                btnStop.Enabled = True
                btnStart.Enabled = False
            ' Error connecting to device close window 
              btnSave.Enabled = False
            End If
        End Sub
     'disconnect from the device
      Private Sub ClosePreviewWindow()
           ' Disconnect from device
           SendMessage(hHwnd, WM_CAP_DRIVER_DISCONNECT, iDevice, 0)
       End Sub

    Open in new window

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    Assisted Solution

    u can see that WM_CAP is merely used as an offset of the actual messages Ids.
    u could have drop WM_CAP and use the actual value of the WM_CAP_XXX:

        Const WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT As Integer = 1034
        Const WM_CAP_DRIVER_DISCONNECT As Integer = 1035
        Const WM_CAP_EDIT_COPY As Integer = 1054
        Const WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW As Integer = 1074
        Const WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEWRATE As Integer = 1076
        Const WM_CAP_SET_SCALE As Integer = 1077

    Author Comment

    i dont understand. please clarify.
    what does identify 1034.
    is it call to function id ?
    is it a driver file id number?
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    Assisted Solution

    1034 is the message id sent to the device.
    it's similar to any other window message in win32 api.
    for example, when u click a left button on winform, in the background SendMessage() is called with WM_LBUTTONCLICK:
    SendMessage( m_hWnd, WM_LBUTTONCLICK, 0, 0);  

    m_hWnd is the handle of the window, WM_LBUTTONCLICK is a constant with value 0x0201 (which is 513 in decimal)
    the other 2 params has different meaning for each message.

    regarding WM_CAP messages, in avicap32.dll all constants are declared the same way.
    so lets take one line from the code above:
    SendMessage(hHwnd, WM_CAP_DRIVER_DISCONNECT, iDevice, 0)

    SendMessage locate the target using the handle hHwnd and send the message  WM_CAP_DRIVER_DISCONNECT with 2 additional params (iDevice and 0).
    somehere in avicap32.dll there's a switch which handles all WM_CAP messages, something like:

    LRESULT ::WindowProc( UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam )  
    case Const WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT :
    //connect to device

    //disconnect from device


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