I want to go to a an application hosted on a server on specific port by just typing the URL without specifying the ports. Please guide
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RovastarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just to clarify, any webserver application or website in IIS you can get it to go to the url without a port name.

For all sites you have to have a unique combination of IP , host header (dns name) and port number.

Create a new unique host header and you can now use it on without defining the port. All browsers will read no port defined as port 80 the default http port.
Set all this up in the site bindings for IIS 7.x/Windows 2008
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If it is website, you can create a site with preferd name and redirect to site with specific ports and IP address.
Tray896Connect With a Mentor Commented:
DNS doesn't map to a port.  

If you don't want users to have to type a port with minimal effort on your part, then you should just run the site on port 80.  If you are limited on IP's, then to do this you would need to use host headers.  Just setup a new A record in DNS to the IP that your website is on, and configure the host header for your site to use this name and IP.  If you have an extra IP you can use, then just host your website on a seperate IP from the others and configure it to use port 80 without the need to define a host header.
Al-QadriAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info... i was on vacation... let me check on this and will get back.
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