mac mini overclock, speed of ram, hard drive


I just have a few questions to speed up a new mac mini:

1) Is it possible to overclock the mac mini using software? I've read so far this is not possible but I thought others may have some insight into this.

2) There is a previous version of the mac mini I'm considering on purchasing which has the old ram ddr2 rather than newest mac mini which has the new dd3 ram. Do you know if this newest mac mini noticeably faster than the previous mac mini. This previous version of the mac mini for $549 has the following:
2.0 GHz core 2
2 GB ram ddr2
256 video ram
320 hard drive

3) If I upgraded my hard drive to a faster 7200 rpm 32 mb sata drive do you think it would be noticeably faster?

4) Are there any tweaks that I could do on the mac mini with leopard to speed it up?

thank you,
Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAsked:
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1) No there are no options to overclock this system.
2) It really depends on what your speed testing it with (Software).
3) You should see a read write performance increase however I am not sure on heat.
4) Note sure on this one.
Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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