Dell PowerEdge 1900 won't recognize a 2 TB Sata Drive

I installed a Kingwin KF-91-bk (Mobile Rack) to the drive bay under the CD-drive on this Dell server. It installed without a problem. I also have three Hitachi 2TB Sata drives (HDS722020ALA330) which I wanted to mount in separate Mobile rack drawers and use one at a time as a Backup to Disk solution in a standard NTFS partition. I have three servers in my network and need that much disk space weekly for backup.

The server currently boots from a SAS raid (original config from Dell). The server runs fine and should continue to boot and run with the SAS configuration. I connected the KF-91-bk to Sata port B on the MB and went into bios and activated that port. When I boot, the 2TB drive is not found in Disk Management or Device Manager. The power LED stays on so I know the drive is powered up and I verified the sata data cable was connected properly.

I contacted Dell and they did not know if it would work because they have not tested it with a 2TB drive. They wanted to sell me theor RD1000 solution which costs about 10 times what i've invested. Any suggestions on how to get it working?
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Tony GiangrecoAsked:
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maybe see under computer management to see whether it has the correct drivers installed?
Can you check if the drive is visible outside the o/s in the bios ? If not you might need a bios upgrade to the see the drive. Hope this helps
Tony GiangrecoAuthor Commented:
I went into the Bios setup and activated the Sata port. I didn't see any other message in the post that shows a drive.

I also checked the Kingwin site for drivers and they don't list any.
In bios
Check Intergrated Devices and ensure Embedded Sata is set to ATA Mode
Check and see if the drive shows up in the BIOS Boot Sequence and Hard Drive Sequence
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