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A friend of mine has an SBS 2003 domain. A user with a Windows 7 machine has been logging on locally for some time and was not a memeber of the domain but now my friend wants him on there. Previously I would have joined the machine to the domain, logged in as the new domain user, log out and logged back in as a domain admin (not the old account or the new one) and copied the old profile to the new location. But having tried that on this machine, the "copy to" button is greyed out. Is the procedure different on Windows 7 than it was on XP? I have re-booted the machine several times but no joy.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Reboot the machine the copy option should be available. Logging in as the user and then back out often locks the profile, and thus gray.

The proper way to join an SBS 2003 domain is to create the user and computer accounts using the wizards in the Server Management console, under manage users, and manage computers, not in AD. Then from the PC join it to the domain using a web browser and  http://SBSname/connectcomputer  When you do so during the process it allows you to select the local profile to import and for what user.  This then configures at least 12 other user features automatically as per:

Since you have all ready joined the domain the profile copy feature I mentioned will not work even if you remove the PC from the domain but the other features will but there are several steps to follow when removing from an SBS domain:!AB2725BC5698FCB8!278.entry
Try profwiz - it will map local profile to domain profile, means you will have same desktop, settings, mail and so on. Works with Windows 7.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
ps-to join a Win7 PC properly to an SBS domain, the SBS must have all current updates installed. You should also review the following.
OrbsolAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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