Virtual PC Intergration Components Installation interupted

I have converted my Windows XP SP3 partition into a VHD
Loaded this into Win 7 64bit host Virtual PC
I repaired the client OS and it now boots okay
(some further alterations were made to resolve WGA issues and main drive letter back to C: but I don't believe this is related)
I also removed the VMWare installation on the virtual XP to avoid conflicts

I run the install for "Virtual PC Intergration Components" and near the end it fails and does a rollback and shows a screen "Setup Interupted" Setup was interupted before Virtual PC intergration Components could be completely installed."

" Virtual PC intergration Components was not installed. To Install the Virtual PC Inergration Compnents, run setup again"
"Click Finish to exit setup"

I have attached the VPCICInstallLog.txt

Virtual PC Intergration Components
"Virtual PC Intergration ComponentsVirtual PC Intergration Components
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The key line in the log is

VPCBUS: UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices using C:\Program Files\Virtual PC Integration Components\VPCGBus.inf
VPCBUS: UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices failed with 1603

Don't bother looking up error code 1603... that just means "installation failed"
Here is something to try (just guessing, really)...   try it again with all of your non-crtical USB devices unplugged.
are you sure you are using x64 edition of virtual pc ?
DamesterAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am running X64 edition of Virtual PC

In device manager I can see an Unknown device listed in Other Devices
And another in System Device calleds "Unknown device"

I have no mention of "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"

I compared it with a fresh Virtual XP enviroment and see that it has
a "Univiersal Serial Bus Controllers"

Looks like this could be my issue

I therefore cannot disable USB to try the suggestion above
Although my mouse and keyboard are working

What type of drivers can I install to get this working
(I assume my motherboard USB drivers are not relevant)
DamesterAuthor Commented:
I googled VPCGBus.inf and found this solution

It states:

Just delete %windir%\system32\drivers\wdf01000.sys  and retry the installation.

This worked for me

 I then had in Device Manager a "Universal Serial Bus Controller" heading, within is "USB Virtualization Bus Driver" with exclamation stating "the drivers for this device is not installed"
I reinstalled and pointed to the program files virtual pc folder and it installed correctly

I now just need to work out why a Virtual PC Intergration device is stuck in "other devices" and still alongside it, is an "Unknow device"
Maybe I will start a new post for this if I get stuck,

Thanks very much for your help
Well, at least we're on the right track...
Ya know... I'm not sure if the physical USB drivers have anything to do with this... I suspect not.
Here is a crazy idea...  if you already have a "fresh" and working image, you should be able to mount that images' VHD file as a second drive on the non-working image.   Then start the non-working image up, go to the device manager, click on "update driver", when it asks for the location of the driver, point it to the D:\Windows\Infi directory (on the other VHD).  If that works, then you can again point to the D:\Windows\Drivers directory for the actual driver.
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