Windows Server 2003 R2, Disk Management - "The operation was cancelled due to an internal error"

Hi there,

We have a problem on our Domain Controller running Windows Server 2003 R2. There is a problem with the time taking to write to disk and we think this is connected to the OS not reading the disks correctly. In Computer Management, Disk Management, it does not display NTFS, Healthy (System) etc and when you select Properties or Action, Rescan Disks it gives the error Disk Management, The operation was cancelled due to an internal error. There is nothing obvious in the Event Logs around the time this problem started to happen.

To me, it suggests a Windows problem rather than a hardware or RAID problem, although it could have been a RAID problem and the result of this problem is now being mirrored? We have a day planned when users will not be on the system, we are thinking of trying to Rescan Disks when server is running in Safe Mode without Networking?

Does anyone have any experience with this problem or have any suggestions as to how it was caused and how we can fix?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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coreccAuthor Commented:
Problem solved, We restarted the switch and everything started working.
What is your hardware platform?
coreccAuthor Commented:
Hi there. The hardware platform is an HP ProLiant ML370G5 with 2x 2.5 inch Serial SCSI (74GB). Also, the RAID diagnostic utility is reporting no errors.
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Run a data consistency check on the RAID to insure that there are no unrecoverable read errors.  This is best practice no matter what, but had there been an unrecoverable error it would have detected it at the time it tried to write.

You are using the hardware RAID controller, correct, not software (windows-based) RAID?  Just checking to be 100% sure.

chkdsk /f in safe mode is good next step.
It may also be a problem with disk manager .dll file. Download and install this hotfix to see if it fixes your issue.

coreccAuthor Commented:
Many thanks. Yes, it is a hardware RAID controller. The hotfix looks like it is specifically designed for when the disk initialization operation quits but this is not the case here. I think we will try a chkdsk /f in safe mode. I am also hoping that the Rescan of the disks may be successful when in Safe Mode without Networking, we shall see. I will keep you posted (again, many thanks)...
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