Signature with 8.5 templates / 8.0.2 Basic client

Any thoughts on the 8.5 template signature and working with older clients.... beginning to get annoying here copy/pasting sig. into documents.  Most of my machines frankly aren't powerful enough for the sludgy new 8.5x clients ( a netbook and a P4 2.8), even dual core notebook runs slowly.... what were IBM thinking about!!?  But I digress.

The basic client with desginer and admin is only available upto 8.0.x and I want to run the 8.5 template for iNotes and other machines so at the moment mails sent from the 8.0.2 clients gets no signature at all since the new RichText signature in the 8.5 template isn't understood by the 8.0.x client

Before I reverse engineer the profile document fields myself, or end up creating an action to manually create a mail with the sig in. for 8.0.2 or the like has anyone already worked out a way of tricking the 8.0.2 client of picking up a HTML signature file (or even plain text) and yet leave the 8.5 Rich Text sig. in place too?


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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAsked:
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Steve KnightConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
It seems from reverse engineering code that adding $SignatureOptionEnabled=1 to notes.ini lets the code look for the "old" fields, though it seems it is only currently adding first line of a text signature from the Signature_1 field / Signature field.

So looks like I might have answered this myself.... add the above INI option to the 8.0.2 clients and make an agent to set the html file name and right settings in there.

Heading out now but will give this a try myself tomorrow unless anyone has answer inbeteween

   Hi there Steve,,,

I am so sorry but I really didnt understand what is exactly the problem !!!! I would highly appreciate if you could kindly give me some more details about it .

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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
OK, sorry if I didn't make it clear.  Thanks for taking the trouble to respond.

Lotus Notes client is 8.0.2 basic
Template is 8.5.x

In Preferences you can now add a Rich text signature and there is no access to use / amend the older plain text, or "point to HTML file" sig.

In 8.5 client composing a new message and you get the sig.
In 8.0.2 basic client .. no sig.

I toyed with the idea of manualyl setting the SigantureOption? filed in the Calendar profile and whatever field the old template used to write to containing the actual sig, but I imagine the 8.5 template code probably ignores that anyway.

Likewise toyed with having the local replica on the 8.0.2 clients with a different template but getting silly!

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
Just having a read through the code in the CoreEmailClasse4s script library, "InsertSignature" Sub at first glance it SHOULD still work to use the old methods too, but it seems not to.

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