protecting ocx decompile

should be easy 500..
wrote an ActiveX (ocx) that clients download as part of a webpage (like flash).
some of the procedures are "sensitive" and would like to keep away from hackers.
1. can DeDe decompile D2010 at all?.. i would think not.. but just checking.
2. if someone has a different decopiler, will they be able to reverse engineer?
3. can i do something in the code that will disable "screw-up" the decompiling?
4. are there any compiler directives i can put into use here to help the task ?
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I am not sure whether it can be guaranteed that no one can decompile or reverse engineer. However it is possible that you can make it difficult or challenging to decompile or reverse envineer by encrypting the OCX.

Long back I played aound to encrypt an executable; for OCX, I found the following link (not sure about its effectivenes)
controlrAuthor Commented:
thanks for quick reply. will try
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