Visual Studio - LINQ to SQL Class - 1 to Many - How to return children

I have LINQ to SQL class I created in the Visual Studio LINQ to SQL designer. It's simple 1 to many. Like customers to orders.
I created a 1 to many Association in the designer.  My class that is generated for Customers contains an Entity property for Orders.
When I run my GetCustomersQuery() - the data is returned but the Entity property with the Orders is empty.  How do return the Customers with the corresponding Orders?
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DataLoadOptions loadOptions = new DataLoadOptions();
activeLoad.LoadWith<Customers>(c => c.Orders);

context.LoadOptions = loadOptions;

var customers = from customer in context.customers
                        select customer;

// this will all Orders (if exists for a customer) and in your code you can access ordres ust by using

Customer[] allCustomers = GetCustomerQuery();
foreach (Customer c in allCustomers)
    if (c.Order != null) int orderId = c.Order.OrderID;

JElsterAuthor Commented:
Hi.. My query looks like this.. how do I include the Orders.. thanks again

    var query = from c in DS.GetCustomersQuery()
                        select c;

  LoadOperation<Customers> lo = DS.Load(query);
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