PHP 5.3.1 installation on IIS6

hello, I am trying to enable PHP script execution on IIS6 and its not working, I am getting an error that the specified module could not be found. I have tried both the installer and the zip package. Right now I have the installer version with a mapping to php5isapi.dll which i loaded additionally as it was not in the current php package. I am not sure which PECL modules I have to load maybe that is the issue. I have a mapping in the IIS for php extentions and these are allowed too.
Appreciate some assistance, tnx
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nevyana2006Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i am sorry i have missed your response. usually get an e-mail when there is an update to the question. i didn't see your response until today when i was abt to delete the question. in the mean time found this article:
which worked for me.. if someone takes that road - make sure you read the wgiz comments following the article. thank you very much.
It could be an issue with the spaces in your path.  Try this.

If the path to your PHP directory has spaces (e.g. "C:\\Program Files\\PHP") and IIS gives a 500+ error or responds with "The specified module could not be found." when you try to run a PHP script, try changing the ISAPI DLL's path in IIS (in the "Home Directory" tab, under "Configuration...") to the 8.3-equivalent path.
That is, use C:\\PROGRA~1\\PHP\\php5isapi.dll instead of "C:\\Program Files\\PHP\\php5isapi.dll".
1)First download the Php5.1.2 in to ur harddisk
2) Rename the Php5.1.2 to PhP
3)copy this Php folder in C:\PHP\
4) go to control panel and select IIS and click on Handler Settings  on right side there is a hyperlink
6) in ReQUEST PATH textbox: *.php
7) Executable:  click browse button C:\php\php5isapi.dll
8) Name: PHP
9) create one demo.php page and run

U r Ready to Run,,,,
nevyana2006Author Commented:
In IIS6 I have the extentions path to C:\PHP\php5isapi.dll - with one forward slash - the other enrties are with one forward slash. I have restarted the service after the update and the server was rebooted too.

Not sure abt item 4) - handler settings - not seem to find these...

I am sending you a link in which stepwise given

I hope this will help out Dude..

I hope you will run the PHP page
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