OPC Client development for PLC tag monitor

I am trying to create a VB .net application that monitors an OPC tag that is selectable by the user. The user chooses the Machine, ProgID, and ItemID. THe software will monitor this tag

I know there are a number of VB.net OPC client development packages out there that should help me with this. I have purchased the Software Toolbox Top Server Extender to try and go that route, but i am open to something else if it works.

My biggest issue i have encountered is the lack of sample code and guides to help me do this.

Any advice?
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SWTBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Code samples specific to the Software Toolbox Extender may be found at:

The link that 3_S posted also contains a sample that I think can help you - specifically the one titled
"OPC DA Client using .NET Extenders" on the page http://www.softwaretoolbox.com/Tech_Support/TechExpertiseCenter/OPC/OPCVSNetWebinar/CodeSamples/codesamples.html

Lastly, please also feel free to contact Software Toolbox support on http://support.softwaretoolbox.com  - if you can be specific about any problems that you our having the Software Toolbox team can assist you further as needed.  
You have tried these samples?

Can you be a bit more specific with your problem.
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