help finding a converter

Hi All

i have a HP Laptop that contains a Fujitsu HDD HP Spare number 451862-001
the problem is i need to recover some data off the drive before rebuilding and i am trying to find a serial ATA to usb converter that will work with this drive. the issue is the drive does not have your normal serial ATA conection it has blades instead.
i have 2.5 converters for normal IDE and Serial ATA drives but cannot find anything anywhere for this type of drive.
if anyone knows where i can get one please please please let me know as it is driving me mad
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Those blades you can pull off. Its an adapter for the hard drive to work with the computer. You can remove it (it slides off) then plug it into any SATA connections.
To confirm, it looks like this:
that plastic part comes right off.
ooharrAuthor Commented:
you are a genius i have asked quite a few people trying to find a solution

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