Run antivirus/spyware outside Windows XP environment?

Is there any antivirus/spyware program that can be run outside the Windows XP environment (from a CD or USB)?  My laptop keeps rebooting after login. It does not stay long enough to run the antivirus that is on the system.
Erwin KrischAsked:
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Hello burgkunstadt,

Bitdefender rescueCd :
Avira AntiVir Rescue System 3.5.5 :

Erwin KrischAuthor Commented:
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Avast Free edition has a boot-time scan that can be enabled and is very good at nipping stuff in the bud before Windows gets going: 
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You can also try the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows if you have an XP CD to provide the OS files needed to build the Ultimate Boot CD:

If you don't have an XP CD available in order to build the UBCD4Win CD, then download the ISO for the much simpler "plain old vanilla" Ultimate Boot CD; it has three antivirus programs on it:
I've got good results with the Avira AntiVir Rescue System.
Just download the iso, burn it to a cd boot from it and remove all malware / rootkits as long as they are inactive on the windows partition.

Try to use some free opereting system that can be boot from CD (some kind of Linux LIVE CD). This way you can not damage Windows installation. Also then you can connect USB or external HD to copy and save all important data. Even try to run, from Linux, existing antivirus solution or try to install new antivirus and antimalware that can be run in Linux. If you need to reinstall windows your data will be safe this way.

I try this when my windows installation get damage two mounths ago and it works. You may need another computer to download and burn Linux.

Sun microsystem OpenSolaris 2009.06 LIVE CD
Knoppix Linux Boot CD
or try find other if this is to big for you ~700MB
If you are reasonably confident with computers, it is easiest to simply remove the laptop hdd and connect it to another pc as a slave using a usb connector:

You can then scan with whichever av you prefer, plus you can back up any crucial data.
Have you tried starting in Safe Mode?
Like Mike said,try and get in through safe mode.Can you do that???
These are also good
Kaspersky live cd
Dr Web live cd

Just beware with using any live Av cd that a repair installation may also be required, as system files may be infected and thus deleted
Thanks for the points and good luck!
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