Remote Web Workplace slow after login

We have removed the TS from the network.

Now when users enter their log-in info when trying to access the company website there is a long delay of about 15-20 seconds before the page loads.
I tried the following but then it slowed down shortly after again:
1. Make a backup of Inetpub\Remote\client.aspx
2. Open the file with Notepad
3. Search for "rapLinks.canShowSharedAppsLink" and replace it with "false"
(<--make sure it is lower case)
4. Type "IISreset" from a command prompt.
5. Try to logon as a user now.
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interesting that usually works. I have never seen it revert back to being slow. Double check to see that there are no typo's.

Alternatively you can disable it altogether within the registry (on the SBS):
Change from 1 to 0 to disable
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