Cannot remove printer in Windows 7 Home Premium

I have a laptop of a friend that they have installed a lexmark 730 printer on. Now it won't work. When I go into the Printer setup I find it there as a 730 Series and you cannot delete or remove it. Just does not give you the option. Yet if you install another printer you can remove it. Trouble is that if you install the correct Lexmark 730 Series printer it does not work because I presume the existing one is somehow messing with it.
The web had mentioned about using Administration - Computer Management - then Printer management but that does not exist in this version.
Any ideas
oh yes it is a USB printer.
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i2oAuthor Commented:
Anyway I downloaded the latest driver from Lexmark installed which asked me if I wanted to uninstall, I said yes and presto all working. This was strange as I had tried to uninstall via the Lexmark entry in Programs but to no avail. So obviously the wrong driver had been installed that was maybe not compatible with 7.
So all working thanx.
Just to confirm, when you log in as an Administrator, the printer is not listed?
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