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Red Hat Enterprise Linux BIND Slave Server

I'm trying to configure a RHEL BIND slave server and I have been searching for configuration tutorials or examples so I can securely set up the slave servers for the DMZ.  I think I have set up the master server correctly.  How do I set up the slave server so that it performs zone transfers with the master server only, prevent someone from listing all the records for a domain or sub-domain (but can query for individual records) and is relatively secure.  I have set up BIND to run in the chroot "jailed" environment.  

Thank you very much for your feedback and assistance!
1 Solution
In Slave server

in named.conf file : with each file configuration you need to write like this

zone "mydomain.co.uk" IN {
        type slave;
        file "slaves/mydomain.co.uk.zone";
        masters { ip.of.master.server;};

and in the Master server

under options {   }

add this lines

# Bellow 2 lines is to secure bind so that no body can transfer the zone file
Recursion no;                  
 allow-transfer {"none";};

also, in the zone configuration file

zone "mydomain.co.uk" IN {
type master;
file "mydomain.co.uk.zone";
allow-update { none; };
allow-transfer { ip.of.slave.server; };


now restart the both server

Slave should create zone file automaticaly

tbaikAuthor Commented:
Okay.  I'll give it a try and let you know.  Thanks for your feedback.

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