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Problems Connecting to Remote Desktop on WinXP

I connect to multiple desktops in my organization via Remote Desktop Connection.  I am having a problem with one of these connections, but all others are working as expected.

When I attempt to connect to this particular machine (a WinXP box from a WinXP box), I receive the logon screen and enter my username and password and click OK.  After about 60 seconds, the connection is closed.  I don't receive any error message, nor do I find anything in the event viewer.  I tried logging in with both domain and local machine user accounts and have the same problem across the board.

Here's what I have tried (I know some of these items were unnecessary, but wanted to include them for other folks who might have a similar problem):

* Confirmed that Remote Desktop is enabled in System Properties
* Confirmed that my ID is added as a Remote Desktop user (actually, as Administrator)
* Confirmed that Windows Firewall allows for the exception (actually, I disabled it for testing)
* Confirmed that Terminal Services had started
* Confirmed that port 3389 was active and telnetted to that port
* Pinged the IP address successfully

I am using Symantec Endpoint Protection and all workstations are applied to the same settings group.

After all this, I am still unable to connect and I don't know what else to try. So here I am, looking for some assistance from the Pro's!
1 Solution
This is mystical error - you know it should not work this way and I suspect that computer needs... reinstall :)
You can try install alternative terminal service from www.thinstuff.com - it works like charm when you want to make your XP windows act like real terminal server, they are using kind of modified terminal service engine. Try demo for 14 days, if that will not work with your computer - you have serious problem with it.

turn on NLA (Network Location Awareness Service),
reboot the workstation

try now
If it gets as far as prompting for the username and password then that suggests it is not a network or firewall problem.

You might try upgrading the target machine's video driver from the card manufacturer's website.  I recently encountered a problem where several Dell workstations would lock up hard after anyone logged in through Remote Desktop.  Apparently the video driver available through Dell was buggy.  The latest manufacturer one fixed the problem.
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i addition to my solution ,, i agree also with Shift-3:
i faced this issue on dell workstations with the nvidia video card was causing that
updating its driver solved the issue,,,

TWFarringtonAuthor Commented:
Shift-3 - That could be the ticket.  I will try it when I return tomorrow and let you know the results.  If that doesn't work, I will try your suggestion too, memo_tnt.  More tomorrow AM.

TWFarringtonAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  That was exactly the problem.  For the record, this was on a Dell Precision T3400.  I installed the newest driver (dated 12/9/09) and I can access without issue now.  Thank you!
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