Backup Strategy

We are plannig backup for our company, and we are testing the Yosemite Backup Server.

We need guidance on what would be the best backup strategy for our conditions.

We currently have:
1 Server Active Directory and File sharing (about 80 gb of data).
1 Server SQL Server (about 20 gb of data).

We have the following backup media:
1 Each Dell RD1000 with 2 cartridges of 160 GB.
1 Unit of Iomega external hard drive with 1 TB of data.

Believe the following:
- 1 Job incremental, each hour, and 1 weekly full job, saving on external hard drive Iomega.

- 1 weekly full backup, incremental backup and 1 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, saving on 1 cartridge DELL RD 1000.

- 1 weekly full backup, incremental backup and 1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, saving on 1 cartridge DELL RD 1000.

Can you give an opinion if this is a good solution?

Thank you very much,

Felipe Schneider
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Bransby-ITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If what you have is all you can have I would do the following.

Saturday - Full backup on dell 160 tape 1 including system state. - remove this to off site
Monday - Friday incrmental - External Hdd
Saturday - Full backup on dell 160 tape 2 including system state. Remove this to off site.

This will give you 2 weeks of off site and many weeks of incremental.

However as before the way I ask any company is this.

You come into the office on Friday morning and your server and backup drive has been stollen, you have last Saturdays backup on tape, so your only missing 4 days work, how would this affect you.

Give us your answer?

Small business cAn't always afford to buy a full backup system that they need but in the UK there are grants available.

The only problem that I really see is that you will be lucky to get 2 weeks worth of backups on your tapes.  

Also whats the point of the tape solution with only 2 cartridges.  You don't really have an offsite solution.   Are you planning on p[purchasing more that 2 cartridges total?
The best way to take backup for organization (My Own Suggestion)
üSaturday  - Full backup
üSunday    -  Differential (If full backup will complete on Saturday)
üMonday   -  Differential
üTuesday  -  Differential
üWednesday  - Differential
üThursday  - Differential
üFriday  - Differential

Because we dont know which tape will create problem. But for that we have to buy More tapes

I also suggest you always keep one full Monthly basis backup (for safer site in new tape)
Actually the best way is to do a full every night if you can swing it.  Most can't.  

You need to think about how long you need to retain your backups when making a backup policy.  Especially on a file server.
I'm happy with the logmein backup service.
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