need to take ipm.schedule and create a new custom form in Outlook/Exchange

So we have to create a new form in outlook available to the masses of Outlook Exchange users.  

I know how to create a form and publish it - that is not my challenge.  I need to take IPM.Schedule and modify that page of the form.  I want to remove the body and put in all my custom fields in place of the body and re-save as another form.  When I go to modify this form, it makes the scheduling tab static and gives me a bungh of blank tabs for design.  How can I modify the schedule tab?

- Stowy
stowyoAmericas Regional IT ManagerAsked:
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, stowyo.

I'm a little confused about your question.  You say you want to "remove the body and put in all my custom fields" and "how can I modify the schedule tab".  The body field isn't on the schedule tab, it's on the "Appointment" tab.  Assuming that you simply entered the wrong tab name, then the answer is that you cannot accomplish your goal.  The Appointment tab cannot be modified.
stowyoAmericas Regional IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  You did answer my Question BlueDevilFan.  The users wanted this to be an easier task for them and while I thought it may be possible, I find that we cannot do this with the tools we have.  

PeakPeak, uh...  Thanks for telling me to buy a book - but no points for you.

- Stowy
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