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I have a large Visual Basic.NET project with several .dll depdendencies.  I've changed the name of one of the methods in one of those .dll files, but the new name doesn't appear when I try to reference it.

I've rebuilt the .dll several times, both within an overall solution and in its own project.  I've also removed the reference to that .dll in the parent project, close the parent project, repopened it, and added the .dll back in.  Still, no results.

What am I missing?
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Reza RadConnect With a Mentor Consultant, TrainerCommented:
did you rebuild project that you changed method of it?
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
Actually, there were configuration issues here.  Never mind.
Jon500Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds to me like the changed DLL is not actually the one you're referencing. In VS .Net there are Release and Debug builds. Perhaps you have referenced the Release DLL and not the Debug DLL (they are stored in different folders under your DLL project root)?

Another thought: Be sure you don't have a copy of the DLL in question in the GAC. If you do, it is possible that it is being used preferentially over the one you think you've referenced.
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
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