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Exchange SCR & Bandwidth

I am trying to calculate bandwidth needed to have an SCR in a DR location or perhaps a DAG member after migrating to 2010 and have a bit of a problem. I've attempted the calculation two ways but am getting very different results:

1) Counted the accumulated number of log files in an hour across all Stoage Groups on the passive node and active node. They are real close with about 700 log files making about 700MB.

2) I put a sniffer in between the active and passive nodes and see a total of about 65MB trtransfered in an hour.

I would totally expect the counting of log files to be the acuate measure but 700MB .vs 65MB leads me to wonder why he discrepency. I've examined the capture filter but it is empty so am pretty sure I am getting all traffic.

Any ideas? Would the counting of log files be the acurate measure?
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
1. 700 Mb in an hour is fine (What is the connection speed) ??
2. Sniffer says 65 MB ?? (Transfer of what data)

Check this article
Lost Log Resilience and Transaction Log Activity in Exchange 2007

Look best is to take a note of the number of Logs replicated ..... as that much of bandwidth would be required.
rparsons1000Author Commented:
We get fairly maxed out of bandwidth at the site where the CCR is especially during large phone conferences so that's what i am trying to determine. How many more T1's i will need. At 700 meg an hour I am thinking 2. At the DR side I have about 3Mbs free during the day and normal backups consume all of that at night.

The sniffer is showing 65MB per hour of total data transfered between the 2 nnodes. i know, sounds crazy. I will look at the filter again, something has to be wrong.

I read the documentation and that makes sense. I have 1 SG with 1 mailbox that no one uses. It generates about 41 MB of log files per hour or so, pretty close to the default for log roll activity. With that said, the Active node still sends to 960 MB or so per day of log files to the passive node and SCR even though there has been no activity?

Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Correct .... So you can first start both SCR and CCR and just check and then add as you would see ..... maybe it might not require that much ....
As i have seen CCR to SCR and having only T1 or even not that at times, but still it works fine without and issues.

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