How do I include a video player which uses a proprietary format in an aspx page?

I am writing a web application which manages the scheduling and operation of some video encoder/decoders. The decoded stream is in a proprietary format so I have to use unmanaged dlls  to point the stream to the handle of a .net picturebox to get the video to play. I have written a Windows Forms app and a similar Forms UserControl that plays the video as well as interacts with some controls like play, pause, fast forward etc... I have also tried to embed the user control into an aspx page using the <object tag with the classid= the assemblydll#namespace.class but I can not get it to work, plus I have a dependency dll which I have read makes that method not work.

Any suggestions? I don't think I can use silverlight or flash as they will not allow a proprietary video fromat..
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JonathanHensonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
You people stink at this! I solved it. I created a .Net Forms Control and included it as an object in the page. I had to register the third party dll with the .Net Framework Configuration Utility in the GAC, but it works.
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