XP Pro system loses file share

We have a number of XP Pro systems where we share C: with no problems.  Most are using Trend Micro Internet Security.
One of them is a laptop using Zone Alarm and it has this problem:

Share C: for use in the office.
Everything works fine.
Take the computer home and connect to the home network.
(I don't know the Share status of C: at this point)
Return to work / connect to the office network.
The Share on C: has disappeared and has to be re-shared for it to work in the office.

Why a computer should lose a file folder share, even C:, seems very odd.  
If you have experience with this type of problem then I'd like some guidance.
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Fred MarshallPrincipalAsked:
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It could well be that your home ip range is not the same as your offices ip range. I suspect that the share is actually 'lost' as soon as you connect up to your home network?

I don't use zone alarm myself but if it's like other firewalls you'll need to save different ip ranges for different networks.

hope that helps a bit

could be the Zone Alarm that be doing the problem
could be the Zone Alarm that be doing the problem
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Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
Yes, it "could be" a lot of things.

How about something more tangible?  As in: if Zone Alarm, *what* in Zone Alarm would cause Windows to lose a local Share setting?
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
Agreed with above, but I'd like to add, that if you just disable the ZA, you might still have issues.
To be perfectly sure, remove it and then test.
If you still have issues, then we'll have to investigate further.
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
Well, this isn't the same thing as wanting to MAP a network drive and having it get lost or not being able to connect to it.

This is Windows losing the Share setting for that folder!!
I'd not necessarily expect a firewall to be able to change Windows file shares....
But, I'll certainly try that.
There are a few other things it could be such as the logon profile, network share timeouts etc... but that's what I'd have a look at first.

good luck
Make sure network locations types are not the same...
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
Well, the network locations types would be the same unless settings were changed wouldn't they?
And, this isn't Vista.......
>Take the computer home and connect to the home network.
>(I don't know the Share status of C: at this point)

Type CMD

then from the command prompt type

net share

That will tell you what shares you have. I recon that as soon as you connect to your home network the share is lost - this may not fix your problem but it explains why...

When joining a new/unknown network it would make perfect sense to not automatically share the entire C drive to the world. This would be a security issue - ie your firewall - which is why I'm suspecting zone alarm.

If you really want to find out - uninstall it (your home router should have a firewall built in).

Just a comment. It is not a good practice to bring units with shared drives at home since problems like these are likely to happen. Just install a file server in the office, share it there and administer it. You must understand that network connectivity checks for addresses, protocols, port settings, active services, workgroups and user rights and privileges.
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses!  As it happens, this isn't helping me as much as I might hope:

I would like to get more definitive advice.  I know that it's conceptually easy to change the firewall software, etc. etc.  BUT the user is the boss here and I need to know why this is happening.  Fixing the problem with *my* suggestions in view of the fact that this has been working literally for years with multiple computers is proving to be difficult.  So, I don't want to just be Mr. Fixit in this case (may not be able to either).  I want to understand what's really happening because that's what's expected.

I have thought of using a batch file at boot time....... at least that would be transparent.  But then it would have to be implemented on new computers as they change out and I don't control their setup really .... At least here I can provide instructions.
Hello there fmarshall,

I hope you enjoyed Christmas and the New Year :)

Yes indeed a batch script is a happy 'work around', you could make it a logon script on the server for that username - just a suggestion.

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