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Error 1327: Invalid Drive C:\

Hello everyone,

I am tryiong to install a program using Windows Installer and I am receiving an "error 1327: invalid Drive C:\" My system is installed on the E:\ and I do not see anything in the registry involving the C:\ drive. Is their any way to fool the mis installation into seeing the E: as C:. Thanks.
1 Solution
Should be fairly easy process.

Hit WinLogo and type 'regedit'

Open the following key:
In the right pane select 'ProgramFilesDir' which has default path set to 'C:\Program Files'
Change this path to 'E:\Program Files'
Close registry editor and try to run installer again.
You may also try setting up a share of a folder on your E: drive, possibly the program files folder, then use a net use command- such as net use c: \\computername\sharename. This would use the c drive letter and point iit to the shared folder you setup. once your program is installed you may be able to get rid of the mapped drive letter if you can run the program directly from the E:\. If you need to leave the C drive mapped for whatever reason, you can use a /persistance:yes in the command so it remaps everytime the server reboots.
greenbeanx81Author Commented:
Thank you.. I contacted the developer of the custom program. What happened is I think they hard coded the path where they want the MSI package to look at for the C: thinking no one will have there system drives as a different letter which is a stupid move. What I had to do is resize and create a new partition and assign drive letter C: to it then it was able to work. I wonder why they did that in the first place. They suggested reassigning the system drive which will mess up the dependence on the E: drive.
Do not listen to what you were told by developers. Here are two possible ways for you:
1)Connect a USB flash drive to PC - right click on My Computer - Manage - Disk Management.
There assign C: drive to USB flash drive. I think C: drive is assigned to some partition so you need to release it from there and change the drive letter of USB drive that was given to it automatically.
Try to install your app.
2)Change the My Documents path.
Right click on My Documents - Properties. You will see the path. Make to C: drive temporarily. Install app and change the path back.
As you see not resize is needed.

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