I have recently purchased a Blackberry Storm 2 and have managed to get the included Wireless VPN client to create a tunnel with my companies Cisco VPN concentrator. I do not have access to the BES, this is simply over the wireless connection, no BES involved.

My question is, If I can go to the wireless utilities and ping internal IP's behind the company firewall, then why will the browser not resolve the same IP's. If I type the IP in the hotspot browser, I simply get a page not found. Same with setting up the mail server IP.

I just do not understand how I can ping the IP, but nothing else seems to be able to see the IP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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phil301Author Commented:
Yes, a lack of utilities is definitely hindering me.  I saw a few other posts with the same issues, but no resolution was ever posted.
Pretty interesting. If I were you, I'd install a network monitor on the destination server and look for two things:
First: Are the pings you send from the mobile device REALLY arrive?
If yses, second: When you try to open a connection from your mobile browser, are any network packets arrive to the server?

This would I think give us much more information about what happens in the background.
phil301Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply, however, I do not have access to the servers. To ask the IT Gods to do something of this nature would bring the wrath of God down on me.

If I do the Wi-Fi diagnostics, I can see that I have a Secure Device IP assigned from the company server (internal IP). All of the DNS information and concetrator IP is correct. I have no doubt that I am really pinging the server.

I just think that the browser is trying to use the BIS or something of that nature. Just not sure how to narrow down anything.
If this was a computer, you could also install anetwork monitor on your side. But I don't know any network monitor for phones :S (this doesn't mean that there aren't) Without this, I can't really narrow down the problem :S Because now we don't see that is your device trying to send packets to the correct port, then if yes, get we response back from that server etc..
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