Safari: document.createElement does not work?

Hi experts,

I am testing my web application and found that

obj = document.createElement(...)

does not work on Safari though it works fine on Firefox, IE8 and Chrome.

I googled online and found this post Does anybody have any other suggestions on how to handle this issue?

Thanks so much.

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Hello davidw88,

Work for me.
Could you post your full code ?

<script type="text/javascript">
	function addElement() {
	  newDiv = document.createElement("div");
	  newDiv.innerHTML = "<h1>Congratulations!</h1>";
	  mydiv = document.getElementById("div1");
	  document.body.insertBefore(newDiv, mydiv);
<body onload="addElement()">
	<div id="div1">I'm the next line</div>

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davidw88Author Commented:
Cool. Thanks leakim971!
You're welcome! Thanks for the points! Have fun!
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