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HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Autoloader not working


Have the G2 Autoloader and it has been working fine for months, recently it has stopped working, after swapping some tapes in and doing some inventories on the slots, BackupExec returned some errors stating the device could not be accessed.

I've noticed that on the OSD of the unit when i go into "Status/Information-> Inventory" to see the status of each slot it doesn't appear to be updating properly. It always has "m-X-" for the left magazine (i'm guessing m is for mail slot and X means a tape is in the slot and - means empty), and the right magazine has (XXXX) showing all slots filled. After performing an inventory using the OSD ("Operations -> Perform Inventory"), the inventory status remains the same even after physically changing the slot configuration.

Could this be a hardware issue with the loader? I tried installing the latest HP drivers for the autoloader and restarted all services etc so i don't THINK it is a software issue.

Unfortunately the unit is out of warranty and HP won't provide any support.
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2 Solutions
Could be a problem with the barcodes.
If not get HP Tape Tools to test it out.
wicked711Author Commented:
Our tapes don't have barcodes, but i ran a few wellness tests, has come back with some errors:

"Robotic Failure - Error Code 98 63" , checked the HP troubleshooting guide and it says:

Code 98 - Cartridge present sensor not found
Subcode 63 - Error during second slider2 movement

I then ran the wellness test again and came up with a new error code:

Code 8A - Slider (the part of the robotics assembly that plunges in and out for get and put operations) obstructed

Subcode 43 - If with subcode 43, it COULD be the result of a misaligned magazine in combination with a failed sensor cable. Ensure that the magazine is fully and correctly inserted, and check if the library can detect when the magazine is removed.

My backups are now failing as it can't use the Autoloader properly.

Have updated to latest firmware 2.80.

Looks like hardware issue, anyone know if i can open this up myself?
Pull the two magazines and check the tapes.

If a magazine will not come out then check to see if it is still under warranty. If it is then contact HP support and don't pull it from the rack and open the case.
wicked711Author Commented:
Both magazines seem to come out OK, i'm getting as quote from HP for out of warranty service & part replacement.


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