recover delete picture on SD memory stick

I was wondering if someone know of  a free undelete software to recover file from a SD memory. I accidentally deleted  some pictures from the SD. I think you can recover pictures as long as you do not take any new pictures on the SD.

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koreansuperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use recuva to recover your file from a SD memory and it is free to download
jazzIIIloveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I tried lots of software regarding recovery, easy recovery, seagate, rstudio and others. Each one is successful of recovery of files but handy recovery is indeed powerful regarding image file recovery and I had needed to recover my images from a disk, and he had done that perfectly.
lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Take a look at BadCopy Pro ( and PhotoRescue ( - for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X). Each are specifically designed for removable media, and can deal with corrupted graphics files and help repair the damaged files if needed. I've had my best success with PhotoRescue, although sometimes images can be fixed in one of these and not the other.

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TechDkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know of a great FREE undelete file that I used to undelete 100's of pictures. It is Not sure if it is removable disk or not but it works great.
FYI: I actually used on my SD cardfrom my camera. The wife had accidently deleted the files after a vacation.
officertangoAuthor Commented:
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