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PPTP VPN 619 Error

I have a user that is using a PPTP VPN connection to a 2003 Windows Server.  He used to be able to connect okay, but now can not.  He said it started messing up after a power outage.  He has AT&T for DSL using a LinkSys router.  I've only connected via the web to look at the settings.  The IP of the LinkSys is  I connected to that and it looks to be a Speed Stream DSL modem router.  The LinSys is using DHCP and then giving out IP addresses of 192.168.1.*  I thought maybe the LinkSys was blocking it so we replaced it and are still getting the same results.  If I connect an Air Card the VPN will connect okay so the problem seems to be at the users home.  Could AT&T be blocking it?  I was able to connect to the server via RDP.  Oh and I am getting a 619 error.

Hope this is enough info.


2 Solutions
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
AT&T could be blocking it.

- When you monitor connection, where does it stops?
 * on connecting to VPN Server (try to connect o IP)
 * after VPN server is connected to and user/password is being authenticated?
 * After user/pass is authenticated and computer is registered to LAN

Is there any other users connecting to the VPN, i.e. works okay for those?

Make sure of the following first:

- Is the IP address on VPN Lan different from the one at home user? (Have there been any changes in IP-ranges at home?)
- Some routers need to activate something called VPN pass through, check with SpeedStream if that is done.
- try connecting the VPN user directly to DSL modem and connect to VPN. If that works but not behind Linksys, then Linksys is your problem. If it won't work behind DSL either, then that's your problem.

- Routers must also support Protocol 47 - GRE - and this must be activated, but that kind of error wouldn't give 619 ...

I have been doing a small research about your issue.


Some users have managed to resolve that issue after reinstalling or installing new service packs for windows.


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